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Big Data Hadoop Administrator

  Date :
25 May - 23 Jun
(10 days)
  time :
12:30 PM - 03:30 PM IST
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Learning Hadoop is the best thing one has to do to become a Big Data administrator as many top MNCs are looking for the candidates who have completed Big Data and Hadoop administrator Certification Training and who have hands-on knowledge on Hadoop. At Root2learn, our expert trainers will make you learn all the concepts of Hadoop and helps you implementing advance operations on Hadoop Clusters.

Why Learn Hadoop Admin?

Hadoop is the important framework to work with Big Data and you can become an expert Hadoop Administrator and this is the reason why you should take Big Data Hadoop Administrator Training. Also, there are plenty of openings for Hadoop Administrators but there are no people who have expertise in it. So, it will be easy to get a job as Hadoop administrator if you take Big Data Hadoop Administrator Training.

Why Learn Big Data Hadoop Administrator Training at Root2learn?

Though there are many institutes that offer Big Data Hadoop Administrator Training, root2learn is the only training institute that offers the course for the affordable price. Also, we offer Big Data Hadoop Administrator Training online and in-class so that our students can choose according to their comfort.

Our trainers will explain all the Hadoop ecosystem concepts in detail and makes you perfect in all the areas of Hadoop. As the need for Hadoop Operations and Administration experts are increasing, experts at Root2learn are trying to train as many people as possible in Hadoop which can give them a wonderful career. With wide knowledge and experience in Big Data Hadoop, our trainers will make you learn Hadoop practically through everyday practical sessions.

Module I. Basic Understanding

  • Understanding Big Data Basics
  • Big Data Use Cases
  • Introduction to Hadoop
  • Understanding Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Introduction to HDFS Introduction to Namenode Introduction to Datanode Introduction to Secondary Namenode
  • Introduction to MapReduce Introduction to JobTracker Introduction to TaskTracker
  • Summarizing Hadoop Architecture h. Roles and Responsibilities of a Hadoop Administrator
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Hadoop Administrator

Module II. Introduction To Hadoop

  • Linux internals Commands that are required Linux basics
  • Hadoop Cluster Installation Pre-requisites Pre-requisites of Hadoop Installation
    • Software’s Download
    • Preparing your VM
    • Enabling VM with VMware
    • Understanding mandatory changes in the operating system
  • Installation and Configuration Understanding Hadoop cluster installation modes Understanding Hadoop version 1 installation and configuration Passwordless SSH setup

Module III.

  • Hands-On Practice for creating a Hadoop cluster Helping individually in practicing Hadoop cluster installation Job Tracker, Task Tracker and its functionality

Module IV. Hadoop 14

  • Hadoop Cluster Planning Recommended Hadoop cluster configuration
  • Hardware/Software/Network
  • Recommended configuration for Master and Slave Nodes
  • Sample Base configuration
  • Hadoop Different Distributions in the market b. Hadoop performance tuning Important Hadoop tuning parameters to understand Hadoop Cluster Benchmarking Jobs – How to run the jobs

Module V.

  • Job Schedulers FIFO Scheduler Fair Scheduler
  • Backup and Recovery Data backup Meta-data backup Hadoop Quotas Safemode Hadoop Ports
  • DistCP
  • Security How to secure your cluster using Kerberos
  • Upgrades Upgrading Hadoop cluster from Hadoop 1 to Hadoop 2

Module VI. Understanding Hadoop Internals

  • Hadoop 2.0 new features
  • YARN Understanding Resource Manager Understanding Application Master Understanding Node Manager Understanding Hadoop
  • Job Execution Framework
  • Hadoop 2 Multi-node cluster creation
  • Pre-requisites of Hadoop Installation
  • Software’s Download
  • Preparing your VM
  • Enabling VM with VMware
  • Understanding mandatory changes in the operating system
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Understanding Hadoop version 2 installation and configuration
  • Password less SSH setup

Module VII. Hadoop 2

  • Practice Hadoop 2 multi-node Cluster Creation Helping individuals in practicing Hadoop
  • cluster installation
  • Sample Yarn Job execution
  • Understanding Issues of Hadoop 1
  • Understanding improvements in Hadoop 2
  • Namenode Federation Enable segregation of HDFS using multiple namenodes d. Namenode – High Availability Achieving Namenode High-Availability using Quorum Journal Manager Achieving Namenode High-Availability using Network File System
  • Implementation of NN High Availability Helping individuals achieving Namenode High Availability
  • Hadoop Ecosystem Introduction Understanding the integration of Hadoop ecosystem
  • Touchbase with Hive What is Hive Architecture of Hive Understanding Hive metastore concepts
  • HBase Understading HBase Basics Understanding HBase storage Model Understanding HBase Architecture Cluster Installation and Configuration
  • Pig What is Pig? How Pig integrates with Hadoop cluster? Demo of Pig Jobs using MapReduce
  • Sqoop What is Sqoop? How to import and export the data from Sqoop to RDBMS? Example of Sqoop jobs using MySQL
  • Flume what is Flume? Sample Flume jobs

Module VIII. Hadoop Ecosystem

  • Understanding the internals of Cloudera Manager
  • Understanding the automation of Hadoop installation using Cloudera Manager
  • Understanding Cloudera Hadoop Distribution and Cloudera Manager
  • Understanding the underlying directory structure of Cloudera Hadoop
  • Cloudera Hadoop Cluster Installation – CDH

Benefits of Root2learn Big Data and Hadoop Administrator Training:

There are many benefits if you prefer Root2learn for Big Data and Hadoop Administrator Certification Training over others. Let’s see some of them.

Live Online Training:

Though there are many Big Data Hadoop Administrator Training institutes over the world, Very fewer institutes provide live online training. At Root2learn, our expert trainers provide 30 hours of live online training that includes live POC and assignments. By this training, every candidate will be able to learn the concepts of Hadoop easily by clarifying their doubts on the spot.

Big Data Computations:

The important part of learning Hadoop is managing the computations. As the complexity of data is increasing, it is important to have improved computational methods to explore and draw inferences from Big Data. At Root2learn, our trainers help you understand manipulating, analyzing, and developing the Big Data computations.

Experienced Trainers:

At Root2learn, we always choose certified and well-experienced trainers for every course. We have a good team of Big Data Hadoop trainers who have amazing teaching skills and wide and up-to-date knowledge on the subject.

Practical Sessions:

As every company that hires Hadoop Administrators expects hands-on knowledge on Hadoop, it is of no use with theoretical classes alone. At Root2learn, we offer everyday practical sessions after every theoretical class which helps people to learn different concepts easily.

Interactive Classroom Training:

Besides, Big Data Hadoop Administrator Training Online, we will also provide classroom training for the candidates who want to interact directly with the trainers. Our classroom training provides the important human interaction which cannot be seen in online classes. Also, the classroom training helps you learn different things by interacting with other professionals directly.

Who Can Attend?

Before joining Big Data Hadoop Administrator training, it is important to have a basic knowledge on Linux and basic programming principles of Java. At Root2learn, the candidates who want to learn Hadoop are eligible to get a FREE course of ‘Java Essentials for Hadoop’. Isn’t it an exciting offer? Then why late! Contact our 24*7 support team who are always ready to answer your queries.

At Root2learn, we will provide Big Data and Hadoop Administrator Certification Training which will be an added advantage on your resume. These days, it had become the need of every company to have a Hadoop admin which made us focus more on Big Data Hadoop Administrator Training. But we understand that it doesn’t work if we offer only Hadoop Training and so we came up with Big Data and Hadoop Administrator Certification Training which adds more value to your resume.

In the current situation, no course without certification worth your money so time and we always suggest people prefer the institutes that provide certification for every course. At Root2learn, our Big Data and Hadoop Administrator Certification Training is like an entry to the MNC as many of the professionals who trained by our trainers are now working in top companies as Hadoop Administrators.

Anyone who has a basic understanding of Linux/UNIX or System Administrator – Linux, Windows and Server administrators can opt for this training course.

How do you provide online training ?

The training would be provided over a web platform. It is the most demanded & modernized way of “Instructor Led Training” without the need for expensive travelling that can be attended from anywhere in the world. You can attained from your home.

Which option do I choose for training, Virtual or classroom training?

You can decide which one suitable for you:

Virtual classroom Classroom
Less Expensive More Expensive
Recorded video of same session to refer in future No, recorded video
Can attain from any place, internet ( 512 KBPS speed) and System required Need to go at training venue
Can attain from home or office or from other country No, have to stay in same city
Interactive session Interactive session
Interaction with global professionals Mostly local professionals
Flexi class pass, can attain as many class want in same fee One class
If miss any class can go through same training video to connect in next session, and ask if have any query or can attain in any batch If miss the class, will not able to attain same session
Gradually learning ( as training will go near about one month, so you can prepare with training) will get enough time to revise covered topics Some training will finished in 4 days, or within one week. So it will be more load and will not have enough time to revise covered topics
Highly expected trainer ( 23 years, 6 years training experience) May be have experienced trainer
Demo session ( past recorded video) Not available

What is Virtual classroom training?

Virtual classroom training for Big data and Hadoop is training conducted via online live streaming of a class. The classes are conducted by a Certified trainer with more than 20 years of work and training experience. It is interactive session, you can asked the question to trainer and will also ask the question. it is one to one interaction. It is video conference type of training.

Is this live training, or will I watch pre-recorded videos?

All the classes are live. They are interactive sessions that enable you to ask questions and participate in discussions during the class time. We do, however, provide recordings of each session you attend for your future reference.

What tools do I need to attend the training sessions?

The tools you’ll need to attend training are fairly basic:
  • Windows: any version newer than Windows XP SP3
  • Mac: any version newer than OSX 10.6
  • Internet speed: Preferably faster than 512 Kbps
  • Headset, speakers, microphone: You’ll need headphones or speakers to hear clearly, as well as a microphone to talk to the others. You can use a headset with a built-in microphone, or separate speakers and microphone.

Where is the training held?

There is no training venue for Virtual classroom training. It is online live training you can  attained from your home by login at your system, for that we will provide you login id and password.
For classroom training you will get email at your registered email id as per your location.

What is 100% training quality guarentee?

If you are not happy with our training quality, inform us within 1st half of Training on First Day. We will refund your entire training fee with 7 working days.

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