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DevOps Training

  Date :
07 Sep - 13 Oct
(12 days)
  time :
12:30 PM - 03:30 PM IST
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DevOps Online Training


DevOps is the integration of people, process, and products that enable continuous and consistent delivery of value to the end users. DevOps creates the teams that work together with shared practice and tools which will increase efficiency thus productivity.

Why Learn DevOps?

There are many reasons why you should learn DevOps training online.

More Job Opportunities:

The demand for DevOps is very high where the number of persons who learned DevOps training courses online and who can meet the roles and responsibilities of the DevOps is very low. This is the reason why there are plenty of job opportunities for the people who have taken DevOps training online and are capable of managing DevOps roles and responsibilities.

DevOps is a need for every organization as it has many benefits in today’s market and so the people who are good at DevOps will be in always demand and hired by the leading companies. According to the insights of CIO, Organizations can increase the frequency easily by deploying 50% by adopting DevOps Practices.

Huge Pay:

As the number of skilled people in DevOps is less, recruiters are hiring the people who have enough skills in DevOps by offering a huge pay. Also, you can find a huge difference between a DevOps employee to other industry workers across all geographies, in terms of salaries.


Learning DevOps training courses online will differentiate you from others and you will be the unique product of an organization that every recruiter wants to hire. Also, learning DevOps training online will give you edge over others in the interview.

Career Growth:

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace which made it essential to up-scale yourself. You should be the more valuable asset to the company to improve your career and learning DevOps will help you with it.

Few Software Failures:

Software failure is a serious problem that causes life or death situation sometimes. When the software is failed, many developers don’t have an idea on what has happened exactly to their code. For this kind of software failures, the best solution one can go for is DevOps. DevOps lets developer know about all the other teams and helps improving the code.

Timely Releases:

With the help of DevOps, SDLC processes will become agile which makes us ensure faster releases. Analyzing the user behavior and making changes in the next release will happen quickly and it gives the companies edge over their competitors. The phases and multiple tools involved in DevOps ensure Continuous delivery and deployment.

360 Degree View of the SDLC:

DevOps involves various phases, such as Source Code Management, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Configuration Management, Containerization, and Continuous Monitoring. You will get knowledge on the complete Software Delivery life Cycle, once you attained knowledge on all the phases.

Multiple Tools & Technologies:

As DevOps has various phases, there are multiple tools available for each phase, such as Git, Jenkins, Selenium, Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, and Nagios.

Why Learn DevOps Training Online at root2learn?

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose Root2learn to get DevOps Training online over other training institutes.

Insightful Knowledge:

At Root2learn, we focus on providing insightful knowledge to our students on the tools, techniques, and processes involved in DevOps which will be useful in managing the project management activities. After completing DevOps training courses online, you can provide faster, efficient and effective software solutions for your company, which is the main goal of DevOps.

Learning Environment:

The learning environment at root2learn is pleasant with state-of-the-art classrooms and lab infrastructure with expert trainers. Our classroom training will be conducted every day and the practical exercises will be provided for the students to practice them in lab sessions.

Online Training:

Our DevOps training online will also follow the same process with theory and practical classes. Our online training students across the world can have the access to our lab and so they can make effective use of the lab classes. Our DevOps training courses online are ideal for the candidates who stay away from our place but want to learn DevOps successfully.

Lifetime Access:

Let it be classroom or online training, the candidates who learn DevOps at root2learn can access the study materials for lifetime and you can contact the support team anytime for more details.

Hands-on Experience:

After every theoretical class, you have to practice the exercises in the lab sessions and at the end of the course, you have to implement everything you have learnt to build a project which will give you experience in handling the projects in future.


Though there is no official certification for DevOps, you can get certified, if you choose tool based certification. Our certificate plays a very important role in fetching you a job by adding value to your resume.

Job Assistance:

At root2learn, we have tied up with various companies who are in need of DevOps. So, it would be easy for us to place you in a well-established company if you choose learning DevOps training online at root2learn and gain enough skills and knowledge to get a job. We will send your resumes to the companies after the training and ensure the placements.

DevOps Certification:

DevOps is just a practice that many organizations follow and so there is no official certification for it. All that count at the end is your knowledge on Devops. At Root2learn, you will be learning everything practically by choosing the learning platforms where you can learn about DevOps environment, tools, and processes.

Though there is no DevOps certification training online, there are some tools based certifications where you can choose one from. At root2learn, we provide everything that is worth for you to get a good job in a top company.

Who Can Attend?

At Root2learn, our trainers face this question often. There are no prerequisites to get DevOps training courses online. Basic understanding on Linux/Unix, knowledge on Command Line Interface (CLI), knowledge on Text Editor, experience in managing the systems, applications, and infrastructure would be helpful.

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