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PMP Training

  Date :
04 Nov - 12 Nov
(4 days)
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11:30 PM - 08:30 AM EDT
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  Date :
04 Dec - 21 Dec
(14 days)
  time :
07:30 PM - 10:00 PM EST
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09 Dec - 17 Dec
(4 days)
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10:30 PM - 07:30 AM EST
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About Project Management Professional Course

PMP certification training is required to enhance the skills in project management and to withstand the competition in the current competitive world. Besides, technical skills, the people who are planning to get a high profile job or who are already working for an MNC should be good at project management skills.

At Root2learn, our aim is to provide knowledge on core practices and various areas of project management and make people gain the ability to manage their projects successfully. Online PMP Course provided by Root2learn upskills the coordination of tasks through the proved PMP Online Certification approach in people that supports the people to deal with different projects from small to big, successfully.

There are a lot of IT & Non-IT companies all over the world that expect a great ROI and so they hire people who have awesome project management skills. At Root2learn, people will be taught how to prepare for the Online PMP Exam using different techniques and skills. Apart from making them well-prepared for the PMP examination, our project management professional course will help them to be effective projective managers.

With vast experience in training the best PMP Training Institute for IT and Non-IT professionals, our trainers gained the ability to educate people from basics to the core. Initially, we will make people understand the process of project management and then we will let them learn about Project phases, Project stakeholders, Project life cycle, general management skills, project integration management, and much more.

PMP Course Training Description

At Root2learn, we ensure that our project management professional course helps you learn to manage your projects on time without any flaws, effectively. Our course includes presentations, real-time examples, and practical sessions.

Why Choose Root2Learn for PMP Certification Online Training?

PMP Training helps IT and Non-IT job holders to enhance their project management skills, help their company to improve ROI using different project management techniques, get high-paid salaries, get new and big projects, and much more.

Module 1: Creating a High-Performing Team


Module 2: Starting the Project


Module 3: Doing the Work


Module 4: Keeping the Team on Track


Module 5: Keeping the Business in Mind


Module 6: PMP Examination Preparation

Benefits of PMP Certification Training:

PMP Online Training is an essential step to be taken by everyone for career development and here are the benefits of why you should take the Project Management Professional Course at Root2learn. We are also providing the best guidance Online PMP Exam.

  • Improved Efficiency, Enhanced Confidence, Consistent Delivery
  • Enabling a project manager to accurately determine the requirements of a project and to assess the available resources and make the best use of those resources.
  • This ensures the scope; schedule and budget are accurately set from the start.
  • Learning about how to identify risks in projects, and how to manage, those help build a project manager’s confidence and ability to manage projects effectively.
  • Confident, efficient project managers who are able to deal effectively with risks will consistently and reliably deliver successful projects avoiding wasted time, effort, and money
  • Customer Satisfaction: When the tools and techniques are used to deliver projects reliably; deliver what was required and within budget then the customer will be satisfied.
  • Experienced project managers can improve their PM knowledge with new techniques but can also simply learn to approach a familiar scenario with a new perspective.
  • Project Management is not just about experience, tools, and techniques but also learning how to influence others and resolve conflict.


Our PMP certification training makes you show your excellence in the project and you can meet the requirements of global project management clients. Being globally accepted, there is a lot of craze for PMP certification and we, at Root2learn provide the best PMP Training Institute in Bangalore that makes you speak the global language of project management.

Better Salary:

It is proved in PMI Project Management Salary Survey (Ninth Edition) that a PMP-certified professional gets a 24% salary more than an uncertified person. If you are looking to get a job in a top company, they will prefer a PMP-certified candidate to uncertified.

At Root2learn, we train people in a way that they will have 85% chances to get a job over other PMP uncertified candidates. Also, the people who had taken the project management professional course by our professional trainers are seeing 20 – 25% hike in their salaries.

Better Project Manager:

The name of the course ‘PMP certification training’ itself says that the course is all about project management. At Root2learn, our trainers will make you a better project manager by Online PMP Course in Bangalore training in a different approach with various techniques of project management.

Appreciation and Promotion:

Our project management courses make you an expert and enhance your project management skills. You will also learn to complete your project within the deadlines efficiently and so you will get appreciation from your seniors and there is also a chance to get your much-awaited promotion. The Root2learn team of PMP trainers helps you to learn many unknown techniques and make sure you can meet your client’s expectations.

Appears Great on CV:

Even a small company gets tons of CVs every day and it would be hard for them to choose the best among them and then PMP certification helps you. PMP certification shows that you are interested in learning project management skills and how passionate you are to get your dream job. Here, at Root2learn, we will make you learn necessary project management skills and makes you achieve your dream job.

Increases Network:

A strong professional network is a stepping stone for your career development. By joining our project management professional course online, you can have new connections with other PMP-certified professionals which will make you form a strong professional network in no time.

Eligibility for PMP Online Certification:

Before joining project management courses, you must have to know the eligibility criteria to apply for PMP certification. Here are the eligibility details of the PMP Online Certification Training.

The candidate should possess a 4-year degree (Bachelors Degree or the Global equivalent) and a minimum of 3 years of Project Management experience, during which 4500 hours are spent in leading and directing projects and 35 hours of Project Management Education.


The candidate should possess a secondary degree (High School Diploma, Associates Degree, or Global equivalent) + 5 years of unique non-overlapping professional project management experience, during which at least 7500 hours are spent in leading and directing the projects and 35 hours of project management education.

PMP Application Approval:

After the completion of the Project Management Professional Course at root2learn, you will be eligible to apply for PMP exam. After applying for the exam, your application will get approved within 10 working days and then you are allowed to schedule your exam date, time, and location. Once your application got approved, you can write the exam within a time limit of one year.

Who can attend PMP Certification Training?

This course will be useful for professionals in the following roles, among others:
·       Mid-Level, Senior Professionals

·        Project Coordinators

·        Project Analysts

·        Project Leaders

·        Product Managers

·        Program Managers

·        Project Sponsors

·        Team Leaders


·        Project managers

·        Associate/assistant project managers

·        Team leads/team managers

·        Project executives/project engineer

·        Software developers

·        IT managers

·        Any professional aspiring to be a project manager


PMP Free Mock Test

Mock test is the best way that completes your exam preparation. At Root2learn, we will conduct a free PMP mock test that lets you practice the subject and allows you to gain expertise.

Benefits of Mock Test:

  • Our mock test is completely free
  • No login is required
  • Time constraint is 60 minutes for 25 questions

Here are 25 questions that can help you know in which areas you are weak and let you strengthen your preparation. Take the free PMP mock test right now and get to know your knowledge and skills.

Good Luck!

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